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Badfeather 4/6/2015 11:14 PM
WTF??? no login available and nothing on her or the forums
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Welcome to the Angels of the Faithfully Departed.

Welcome to our Brand new Guild Page. Take a few minutes to:
  • Add your Alts to the Roster
  • Sign up for Guild events
  • check the forums
  • Mail me (Discoin) with events that you would want planned.

Make a point to get guild members signed up here we need to all use this site for it to work.
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Discoin, Sep 13, 12 6:46 PM.
Until Nightmares gets a chance:

Anyone finding a player they feel is worthy of recruitment, may sponsor that player for entry into the guild.

Applicants must:

 - apply to this web site
 - run as a prospect for 2 weeks
 - at the end of 2 weeks, the guild officers will vote yes or no in a private thread in the forum.
     - 5 yes votes are required for entry and 2 no votes will block an applicant's entry.
     - persons voted down MAY be responsored.
 - Approved applicants must move all of their characters on the server to the Guild.
     - exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. (talk with your sponsor)

Sponsors may only have 1 applicant at a time.
  - and are responsible for making them aware of the rules and for helping to create opportunities to run with officers.

Back in the swing of things

Shane513, Sep 8, 12 10:08 AM.
Well its been a while.  I have to learn all over how to use this site. I hope we can get organized again and keep it up.

Im up for  a Tower Of dispair anytime with Stonephist.

Arryna, Dec 26, 11 12:37 PM.
For anyone who is looking here, Merry Christmas Guildies! I hope you have all you want and need today and have had a fabulous day with friends and family


Good Job, Folks!

Arryna, Dec 26, 11 12:15 PM.
Tanisia, Obummer, FixitWill and myself were running with some non guildies tonight and were given props by one of them for us being informative, knowledgeable and just all around nice folks to run with. 

So, I have to say, Awesome! That's the kind of reputation we want to have! Keep up the good work, Guildies! 

i apologize to the guild

phoenixstarfyre1982, Nov 29, 11 4:10 AM.
im sorry that the time of the raid wasnt truly specified until the day b4  and also to me i think i didnt really give the guild enough time so they would be ready to do it so. i want to be able to do the MA raid with the guild but im going to try it w/o the guild a few times to get completions and also know what to look for and everything and anything that can help. i dont want to be all flustered with my words again and only know parts of it. i truly absolutely most definitely apologize.  mao >.<
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